8 Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Moms

For outdoorsy moms, your generic Mother’s Day gift just won’t do. For moms that enjoy nature, please her with something that she will actually enjoy. Mom probably doesn’t want you spending a lot of money on her, so these gifts are all affordable and budget-friendly.

Please your mother this Mother’s Day with some Mother Nature-inspired gifts. From the gift of time like a hike to the gift of merino wool, your outdoorsy, hiking-enthusiast, or ski-obsessed mom is sure to be happy with these affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas.


1. An Outdoorsy, Woman-centric Novel

wild by cheryl strayed book

Photo credit: cherylstrayed.com

Sometimes mom just wants some time to unwind and escape. Therefore, treat her with a nature-inspired novel about women in the outdoors. Especially for busy moms that are always taking care of the little ones, giving her uninterrupted time to read her new novel could be an ideal way to cherish Mother’s Day. Check out these outdoor novels she may love: Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail by Ben Montgomery, or Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica by Sara Wheeler.

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2. Water Bottle

camelbak eddy water bottle

Please mom with a water bottle upgrade. It’s hard to twist off the top of a Nalgene while carrying a toddler on your hip. As a result, find a water bottle with a pop up straw, like Camelbak’s Eddy insulated water bottle. She can now sip her beverage and not have to worrying about keeping it cold since this water bottle will keep liquids cold for hours.

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3. Merino Wool Socks

smartwool merino wool socks

Mom is too busy to buy clothes for herself, even if it is something like socks. Therefore for Mother’s Day, give her the gift of merino wool socks. Find merino wool socks under a variety of brands and cater them to her needs. From low rise socks to ski socks, there is sure to be a pair to please mom. Give her the highest quality socks by SmartWool or Icebreaker.

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4. Go on a Hike

Mount Rainier National Park by Nickay3111

Photo credit: Nickay3111 via Flickr

Your mom loves the outdoors or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. So allow her to get outside! However mothers of young children may find that a hike with the toddlers may be more exhausting than rejuvenating. So grant her the opportunity to hike solo. Do be aware she may hesitate at first to leave the cubs. But eventually, she’ll be happy she was given the option to fly solo.


5. Multi-functional Headwear

buff headwear

Photo credit: buffusa.com

One accessory that every outdoorsy mom should have is multi-functional headwear. The one brand that has marketed off multi-functional headwear is Buff. As a result, Buff features trendy patterns for headwear options. Wear around the neck, on the head or use a wipe rag when mom-related accidents happen. Choose a pattern that mom will love and want to wear every day.

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6. Comfortable Sandals

teva sandals

Photo credit: teva.com

Summer is coming up and mom needs to be prepared for warm and busy days since the kids will be out of school. Consequently, give her the gift of good sandals. For under $50, there are a number of comfortable sandals that can stand up to the challenge of motherhood while still looking trendy. Check out Teva’s Olowahu Sandals for only $25 or two pairs for $45 USD.

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7. Yoga Pants

Yoga Shoot with Sam by Tina Floersch

Photo credit: Tina Floersch via Flickr

Yoga pants come in a variety of styles and can seamlessly transition from home to the outdoors to the grocery store. Now depending on your mom, she may be picky with the pants. So give her the option to choose style and type or present her with a gift card to her favorite athletic site or store.

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8. Massage

Massage by Stephen Boyle

Photo credit: Stephen Boyle via Flickr

A massage for Mother’s Day may just be the one thing she needs the most. No matter if she’s sore from her last run or from chasing the kids around, mom deserves some time to relax.

A booked massage is best, but also check out some massage balls and sticks that can be used at home.

Are you an outdoorsy mom? Tell us what gift you would love for Mother’s Day in the comments below!

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Madison Dragna

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